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Where are Quantumlife Estates located?
Are people living already on each of these locations?
Does any of the sites have any encumbrance on the land?
What is the name and address of the company that develops the Quantumlife Estates?
What infrastructures will be provided by the Developer?
What is the size of the plot?
What is the price of each plot?
Is there any discount on the prices?
Is there any installment payment option?
What if, for whatever reason, I am unable to complete or default in the monthly Installment payments?
What about the Deed of Contract fee of N13,000 per plot paid at the outset of the transaction, will I also receive the refund of that?
Why is the Reserved Area expensive?
Apart from the payment for the land, do I make any other payment(s)
At what stage will I have to make these payments and how much each?
What about the development levy and what is it used for?
In Quantumlife Estate, is there any restriction regarding the type of building I can construct?
What about the road to the Estates, are they good and motorable during the rainy season?
Can I start building on the land now?
How can I participate in the scheme?
What is Real Estate Creative Runs (RER), how can I register and what are the benefits?
So, can I register in RER without subscribing to the land?
So, can I subscribe for the land without registering in RER?
If I am outside Lagos or abroad, can I participate in the scheme and how can I do that?