Wealthteam Properties Ltd is a registered company with Corporate Affair Commission and based in Lagos, Nigeria, with major interest in real estate. We manage and operate Quantumlife Estate, phases 1-3.

Here is our physical address:
Wealthteam Properties Ltd
17B Seinde Callisto,
Off Charity B-Stop Oshodi,
Lagos Nigeria.

Tel:08033312286, 08033019362, 017731600, 018965020
Email: admin@realestateruns.com, customerservice@realestateruns.com, realestateruns@yahoo.com

It is estimated that 97% of people do not have adequate accommodation and faces constant harassments from landlords; they are helpless and need help to have a house of there own within Lagos-Ogun mega city project.

Our Mission is to provide a leverage that guarantees both influx of immediate cash flow and makes house ownership easy by optimizing the power of MLM.

And our Goal is to raise an unprecedented success stories, creating residual income for both ordinary people and net-worth individuals through, what we call, creative real estate runs.

Though there are many options available out there for building wealth. But Real Estate or Property Investing has perhaps created more millionaires than any other form of investing.

Even in today's shaky economy, there is huge opportunity in real estate in Lagos and environs.

Tighter lending conditions and difficult economic times are creating incredible buying opportunities as many people are looking for safer investment deals.

The reason why real estate is such a powerful wealth building source is two fold; firstly, there is only a limited amount of land in any area. And once that land has been sold, there is nothing left for it to do, but rise in value. Secondly real estate investing offers excellent leverage on your money.

Now being the perfect time to jump in and learn the principles that lead to financial success in real estate, in Wealthteam Properties we believe we can make a difference.

Our Real Estate Runs (RER) is a radical departure from the traditional thinking on real estate marketing and investing.

There are many ways to invest in property, and our aim is to help each individual to discover which method suits him/her with flexible payment options.